Before You Apply

Be active on LinkedIn. Not everyone is actively searching for a job at every point in time, however having an active LinkedIn account cannot be overemphasized. Your next job might just be searching for you.

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile

  • Perfect your professional photo – make sure it gets across your personality, but is also professional. Profiles with a photo get 21x more views and 36x more messages.
  • Your headline (the text right under your name) – it is a fantastic opportunity to make a mission statement that is impactful and concise.
  • Ensure you’re “Open to opportunities” – this allows recruiters and connections to see that you are proactively looking for your next role.
  • ‘About you’ section – make it bespoke to you and allow your personality to shine through. Keep it to 3 impactful sentences.
  • Your profile is 27x more likely to be found by recruiters if you fill out all sections of your profile.

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